Through the ages...

We are committed to being there every step of our little customers way, as they embark on their amazing journey - from tiny feet, to learning to crawl, to taking those first steps and learning to fly.

From birth to 8 years, Pretty Brave is the only footwear children will need.

Getting the perfect fit

Not sure of which size to buy? Follow the simple steps below on how to measure the foot, then use our Size Guide to find the perfect fit.

If in doubt, our customer service team are always happy to help.

We know kids feet

Our in-house design team partners with an expert panel of fitting specialists, last developers and podiatrists to create comfortable and practical footwear we know kids will love.

Valuable customer feedback and countless hours fitting and testing our shoes feeds directly into our business for continual product development. 

For the love of leather

As a natural product, leather has many benefits that make the investment over synthetic footwear a worthwhile choice.

Leather is breathable and lets air pass through, keeping kids feet cool, preventing bacteria building up and ensuring shoes stay fresh.

Leather foot wear is hardwearing, making it the best choice for kids who love to thrash shoes!

Leather softens beautifully with time, adapting to the foot shape, giving added comfort and support.

Leather can be restored, re-loved and passed on to family and friends.

The makers

We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers to create our footwear. The skilled craftsmen and women that make our products are part of our family!

We work hard to ensure all our suppliers align with our ethical values and share our passion for high quality footwear. Our customers can feel confident knowing their Pretty Brave products are produced with respect for human rights and the environment.