Genuine leathers

Pretty Brave baby shoes are handmade from genuine, soft leathers and free of nasty chemicals.

Our shoes are free of nasty chemicals (including Chromium VI, Azo dyes, Formaldehydes), and the leathers are tested to conform to strict European standards.

Leather is a beautiful material that will soften with time and mould to your baby's foot. As a natural product, imperfections and marks contribute to the character of leather.

Looking after your shoes

* Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat as this may cause fading, and materials may warp or become damaged.
* Do not machine wash or machine dry your baby shoes.
* Take care not to rub your shoes against anything abrasive.
* Avoid water contact, however should your shoes get wet, remove any residual water immediately with a paper towel, pack loosely with paper and allow shoe to dry naturally.
* Avoid contact with oils.
* We use non-aggressive dyes that are safe for babies, so be aware that some leathers may shed a small amount of colour, particularly if wet.

Soft suede soles

The soft suede soles that feature on our Small and Medium baby footwear is perfect for a growing foot - enabling the foot to develop naturally whilst being protected in a flexible shoe.

The soft sole does mean that Pretty Brave baby shoes are designed for mostly inside use, with a small amount of outdoor use tolerated.

Coloured leather

Wipe stains or spills off immediately with a soft damp cloth.

For spot cleaning, use a damp sponge to lightly wipe over affected areas.

Dry in non-direct sunlight.

Caring for suede

If cleaning is required, for best results we recommend a good quality suede brush, used gently to remove soiling.  

Alternatively, a damp sponge lightly applied over the suede should remove soiling. Pack shoes loosely with tissue paper to retain shape, and allow to dry naturally in non-direct sunlight.