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Colouring in for the Summer Holidays
We know the school holidays can be long (and the weather is not always nice outside), so we've created a selection of Pretty Brave colouring in illustrations that you can download for your kids!
The Importance of Colours in Children's Development
Colours are all around us, and they play a crucial role in our lives from a very young age. For children, colours are not only captivating and visually stimulating, but they also have a significant impact on their development and overall well-being. 
Spring into Action: Fun Outdoor Activities with Kids to Keep Them Moving
As the weather warms up and flowers bloom, spring offers the perfect opportunity to get your kids outdoors for some active and engaging playtime. With the days getting longer and nature coming to life, there's no shortage of exciting movement-based activities to enjoy with your little ones. Let's explore some fantastic outdoor activities that will have your kids running, jumping, and laughing all season long.
The Importance of Natural Movement for Kids' Feet
Children are naturally curious, constantly exploring the world around them. Their feet play a crucial role in this exploration, acting as the foundation for their overall development. 
Organic Cotton vs. Non-Organic Cotton
In recent years, the fashion industry has been increasingly conscious of its impact on the environment and human health. One pivotal choice is between organic and non-organic cotton. 
Introducing The Milk Bar | Spring Summer 23/24 Collection
For our Summer 2023/24, we've put a playful spin on the nostalgic Milk Bar and serve up an epic range of summer footwear styles for kids aged 0 through to 8 years.
A sneak peek of our upcoming summer collection
Head Designer Sarah Street takes us through a sneak peek of our upcoming new season summer collection, where we put a playful spin on the traditional Milk Bar, serving up a beautiful range of summer footwear for kids aged 0-8 years.